Mon-Fri 7 am to 6 pm; Sat-Sun 9 am to Noon


Frequently Asked Questions

How many people will be cleaning?

This depends upon the size of the job, daily schedule but usually consists of at least 2 cleaning professionals.

Do I need to be present when cleaning occurs?

No, you do not need to be present for cleaning although access to space needing cleaning is required.

How often are cleaning visits?

2x per month, weekly or 1x per  month

How much does it cost?

Estimate will be provided prior to providing service.  Estimate is based upon square footage, depth of desired cleaning and other unique attributes of your request. Estimate will not be exceeded without prior approval from client.

Do you clean refrigerator?

This is not typically included in the standard scope of services but can be available with prior notification.

Do I pay by the hour and how long will it take?

The standard fee is based upon square footage, depth of desired cleaning and other unique attributes of work stated in estimated expense. In the rare event that additional cleaning is requested a supplemental estimate will be provided.

When do I pay for services and what form of payment are accepted?

Payment for services is required upon completion of services. Available payment options include Mastercard, Visa, debit cards, Zelle and cash.

What if I need to cancel/ reschedule cleaning?

We understand the need to reschedule services may occur. We intend to accommodate these requests but ask they occur infrequently, < 3 times per year.

Do you have references?

Yes! We have many customers who are happy to discuss their experiences with us with you.

Should I tip the cleaning crew?

Tipping is not required although greatly appreciated.

How soon can you start?

Typically, with-in a couple of days of receiving estimate.

Am I required to sign contract or make long-term commitment?

Although it is our hope that you will become a long-time client, no contract is required and either party can terminate at anytime.